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Zhongshan chang dragon electric co., LTD. Is located in the pearl river delta hinterland、Industry agglomeration in zhongshan。The company is founded1999Years,With plants15000Square meters。 The accumulation of more than 20 years production experience of lamps and lanterns,Chang dragon has now become a company specializing in the production office、Business、Lighting engineering、LEDThe enterprises of all kinds of lamps and lanterns。Products have been widely applied in various shopping malls、The hospital、The office、Hou machine building at the airport、Schools and other indoor places,In the domestic and foreign large more there are many successful examples in engineering application。Chang dragon people adhering to the pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise,To be a continuation of the light culture、Development、Innovators and continuously forge ahead。

Advanced production equipment and first-class production technology is the foundation of the prosperous dragon relies for survival and development。Chang dragon constantly for the introduction of domestic advanced equipment,The company was founded at the beginning of the existing stamping、The installation、Spraying、Touch welding standard workshop,With punch、Milling machine、Grinding machine、Lathe、Aging line production、Integrating sphere equipment altogether100More than one,Production mold3000Vice,To realize more than the monthly output hundreds of sets of lamps and lanterns。

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Product introduction
  • LEDCanister light
  • LEDGuide to shoot the light
  • LEDBean pot lamp
  • LEDIndustrial and mining lamp
  • LEDProjection lamp
  • LEDThe lamp panel
  • LEDOffice lighting
  • Embedded grille lamp
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