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Chinese name: Imidazole
English name: Imidazole
Chemical name:1,3-Two ammonia complex cyclopentadiene CAS: 288-32-4
Chemical properties:Imidazole monoclinic system for precipitation from benzene prismatic colorless crystalline,Ammonia smell。
Character: This product is a white rhombus or flaky crystal,Soluble in water,The alcohol,Slightly soluble in benzene,Hardly soluble in petroleum ether,Weakly alkaline。
Poisonous,To the skin、Mucosa in stimulating and corrosion resistance。

    Linyi city jin yuan chemical co., LTD. The company is located in linshu county of shandong province economic development zone,327National highway crossing,S225Dart the north-south traffic is very convenient。Is specializing in the production of imidazole enterprise in China。Used in medicine、Pesticide intermediates production。Annual production capacity6000Tons,Output value of one hundred million yuan。Teamed up with the well-known domestic enterprises,In the production process、The quality of the product、Cost control、Raw material supply has a strong competitive advantage。Have been exported to India、Japan、The United States、Italy、Spain、South Korea, and many other countries。Imidazole production technology mainly to formaldehyde、Glyoxal,Proportion of the mixed aldehyde slowly drops to fill into the ammonia in the reaction kettle,In cyclic condensation reaction under a certain temperature,The production process,No process waste water discharge....

Address:Linshu county of shandong province economic development zone
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